RIE is New York-based performance artist. She was born in Tokyo, graduated from Musashino Art University. She had worked as an art director and a graphic designer in Tokyo, then relocated in New York in 2008 to diversify her expression in design and art fields.

In 2010, she started a performance art, which is the combination of dancing and painting at various events and shows in New York. Her performance creates a unique atmosphere, allowing the audience to share time, space, and experience in the creative process. Her concept has been simple, express emotions such as happy and sad ones using her body with live painting. It makes her mind detox, Zero thoughts which is connecting with the spirit of Zen. Another concept is about the environment, which she had been concerned about for so long.

Artist Statement
My beloved things.
My beloved people.
I am alive for them, sharing the pleasures of life with everyone through arts.
I have loved dancing and painting ever since I was a child. After I moved to New York, I came up with the idea of combining this style of dance and live-painting to uniquely express myself. That is to express my raw feelings through my body and live painting, makes it possible to detox my thoughts and see myself just the way I am.
My abstract works are full of color and movement. They are created by acrylic paint. The fluid, acrylic paints are poured directly onto the canvas, which is then manipulated by moving the canvas around or my movement, allowing the colors to take their own course and blend together creating a new color and shapes.
I hope my art works and performance guide that people remember their dynamism and full of creative energy.

Graduated from the Department of Spatial Design, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

Performance and Painting Show:
Apr 2017   Group show and Performance “One Love” at 4W43 Art Gallery
Jan 2017   Performance “One Love” at Cinderella Project Event in Tokyo
Jun 2016- Jan 2017   Group show at The Conference Board in NYC
Dec 2015   Group show at gallery onetwentyeight
Apr 2015   Performance “Purification” at J-Collabo Event
Apr 2015   Performance “Rhythm of Color” at CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
Oct 2014   Performance “Birthday” at Drom (ALIVE showcase)
Jul 2014   Performance “New Flowers” at Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery
Jun 2014   “New Flowers” at CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
Jun 2014   Performance “Always with me” at Tenri Gallery
May 2013   “Japan Week Event” at Grand Central Station
Jun 2012   Solo Show and Performance “Tears of the Ocean” at CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
Mar 2012   “Arigato” Event at Central Park
May 2012   “Past-Present-Future” at Audi Forum 250 Park Avenue (J-Collabo Event)
Mar 2011   Painting Show at Restaurant Mundo
Feb 2011   SADOU (Japanese Tea Ceremony) “THE UNIVERSE” at J-Collabo Event
Feb 2011   Painting Show at Restaurant Lin

Design Awards:
New York Art Directors Club 81st annual
Japanese Society of Commercial Space Design Award 2006